Do you suspect that your partner has a secret life or hides things from you?


The private investigators at C.M.I can help you!. We offer you safe, professional and discreet research with excellent results. We are working according to  the law to ensure that all our customers achieve the best possible results and thus always arrive with discretion to the truth. We understand that you may feel uncomfortable at your first contact with a Private Researcher,  that’s why our team is friendly, professional and experienced to ensure that you receive excellent and confidential advice every time.

We understand the emotional problems associated with marriage, relationships, and other private affairs, and we handle all cases, from high affair cases to small discreet family issues with absolute confidentiality.


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Computer applications and mobile phone applications

CERB records all employee data, including screenshots, typing, application’S, web pages, e-mail and chat activity, file and document usage, and many more. You can create detailed reports to summarize and analyze what is happening on your network. CERB can also show you what everyone is doing on your network in real time with just one click of the mouse through a visual overview of your network and assets in real time. The CERB program is applicable to companies to rate  your staff’s performance, and also be aware someone is stealing your corporate files in digital form. It must be based on legislation that your staff knows about the program and agree‘s  with it.

CERB PERSONAL allows you to control, restrict, and access and use of your own computer from anywhere. You can control how long and how users are allowed to use your computer, prevent specific applications, block access to certain websites, restrict access to Windows features, and more. In addition to the access control, the program can also record all activities, including typing, web pages history, running applications, discussions, screenshots, and more. All recorded activities are visible in real time from anywhere via the online cloud.

More and more cases of intimidation and exploitation of minors come to Justice often with bad ending for minors and their parents. Despite the superhuman attempts of persecuting electronic crime several times it is not possible to intervene because they are not informed in time by the parents. The CERB CHILDREN program is a software with which the parent or guardian is updated on child’s online traffic information. In this way you will be aware if something suspicious is takes place so you can inform the authorities, to act immediately.

Our office Can recover deleted files with special state-of-the-art recovery programs. The recovery process is done after the client has entered into a written agreement or client authorization and always according with the Greek law.

The services we offer are:

  •     Recover Deleted Files from Mobile Phones (STANDARD-DEEP-ULTRA SCAN)
  •     Retrieve deleted files from tablets.
  •     Recover deleted files from storage media (USB, MICRO SD, SD, HDD, SSD).
  •     Recover files from audio recorders.
  •     Recover data from a portable computer.
  •     Data Recovery from Damaged Disks (HDD, SSD)

Disk Encryption for companies and the protection of personal data and clientele.

Password Recovery if you have lost or forgotten your password on your computer. Written agreement or client authorization is required.

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Cyber Crime

For companies, professionals and even individuals,  internal and external attacks on their own computer systems or the loss of sensitive corporate or customer or personal data are usually catastrophic scenarios. Expenses, reputation, or even sanctions. The Appropriate and on time response to cybercrime is a key factor in dealing with professional or personal damage.

Cybercriminals can be very creative. They can create a new type of attacks in almost daily bases. We  can deal with all kinds of danger or possible attacks by our dedicated and well trained digital investigators research staff such as:


  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • Data leaks
  • Data processing and misuse of IT systems
  • Manipulation and abuse of production facilities
  • Ransomware and Trojan encryption
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Social engineering attacks – rootkits, spoofing, spyware
  • Fraud messages such as “Fake President” / Fake CEO
  • Cyber ​​Incident Response means finding and closing security holes, resolving “burglary” and damaging and also detecting the attacker. In addition, all possible causes are investigated in your computer environment.
  • Electronic sabotage
  • Detect fake profiles in social media attempting defamation.
  • Cyberbullying
  • Identify digital harassment
  • Identify malicious intrusions on your network

C.M.I Investigation is a pioneer in digital research and computer systems with its highly qualified cyber-team. With absolute discretion, confidentiality, and knowledge will respond quickly and directly in Greece or abroad by providing the fastest possible and professional solution to your problem.

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Detecting missing persons

Missing person’s investigations have to do with locating and revealing someone’s contact information (e.g., facebook, tweeter in all social media networks.

There are many reasons why you may need help finding a missing person and there are times when you need professional help.

Finding a missing person may happen to someone who has disappeared under suspicion, as well as a simple escape of a loved one from personal or psychological problems he may be facing.

In missing people investigation are included:

  • Detecting children
  • Investigations into kidnappings
  • Finding a friend
  • Identifying a sexual partner

Our specialized private investigators have a high percentage of success in finding individuals, you are in safe hands.

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Evidence on trials

Our long experience in civil and criminal investigations leads us to always carry them with the utmost care, sensitivity and always by the law.

Many of our researchers have many years of experience. To enhance this knowledge, they keep training and always get the latest updates in technological and legal matters. They handle all cases with sensitivity and professionalism

During the investigation you get frequent updates about all findings

We understand how important to you all the findings of your case are.

You can be sure that we make investigation on your behalf, with the maximum efficiency and discretion

Our services include:

  • Surveillance and monitoring
  • Tracing hidden evidence
  • Locating witnesses for criminal cases
  • Creating back round reports
  • Locating people
  • Depositions in trials
  • Technical advisors
  • Legal advice

You will be updated during the investigation. We understand how important the information for your case is and how sensitive are these investigations. You can also be sure that we will investigate on your behalf with the most efficiency and discretion.)

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A fraud investigation proves if fraud has taken place and collects all evidence to protect the victims.

We conduct confidential investigations by providing all necessary evidence to our clients so they can be able to prove the fraud done against them.

Some types of fraud:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Financial fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud on the Internet
  • Transit fraud
  • Value Demand Scam
  • Inventory theft

The C.M.I Private Investigation Office with its specialized  researchers will investigate and discover the solution to provide the proof you need, always by the law, to fight any kind of fraud.

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Proselytism surveys

According to Article 13 of the Constitution,

Proselytism is forbidden.

The private investigators at C.M.I will provide you with evidence that will bring to light the unfair conversion of children from dangerous sects (eg satanic or sects that affect public order and morality).

Our special associates are committed to deal with dark and inaccurate points.

We are called to collect the evidence through the experience and methodicality that distinguishes them and help their client at the same time to held the authorities.


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Detect Spyware

Protect against interception is a  term used for technical precautions and control (so-called “scanning”) of objects and spaces to avoid monitoring the conversations and circulation of audio data.

First of all, a distinction is made between passive and active protection against interception.

Passive space protection deals with precautionary measures such as. :

Design and construction of safe spaces for councils, communication lines and vehicles, aircraft, and floating means.

Prevention, suppression and distortion of electromagnetic waves (compromise radiation eg from a screen or a computer) with e.g. noise generators

the creation and configuration of secure communication with the help of encryption, the use of encrypted UDP / TCP / IP (VPN) connections with  which the information is transferred, including voice over VoIP telephony.

Protected installations sometimes place a special wallpaper  with textail metal grid used, which works as Faraday cages and thus achieve a certain electromagnetic shield. This measure makes it extremely difficult to operate radio frequency monitors. It must be taken under consideration that wireless communication within the office (eg via mobile phone, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc.) is no longer functional.

Active spy protection (“scan”)

Also known as locating interception domains. The targeted “sweep” of the spy devices with the technical equipment.

Broadband Receiver / Frequency Meter

  • Non-linear link detectors (for detecting semiconductors, ie electronic components)
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Portable radiography devices (eg for illuminating non-disassembled objects such as walls, telephone sets, gifts, etc.)
  • Thermal imaging (thermal imaging camera) for detecting hidden electricity consumers from heat radiation
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Line measurement devices
  • Other optical and technical inspection devices

Examining technical devices (eg. Such as telephone, photocopiers, computers, etc), furniture (eg office desks, chairs, decorative objects such as sculptures, etc.) and the space itself etc. (walls, doublefloors, false ceilings)

Despite today’s technology, scanning handiwork specifically wired or recorded listening devices can only be found by appropriate visual inspection. The following activities belong to the basic scanning list:

Generation of spectral analysis, comparison with spectral analysis, control of possible deviations (new signals)

Detailed, technical and visual inspection of the building’s  infrastructure such as walls, floors, power supply, cable channels, pipe wells and other objects (computers, printers, furniture, etc.)

A scan represents only one snapshot and therefore only an assessment of the status at the time it is executed. It may be helpful to repeat the process on a regular (or even irregular) schedule or as required (eg before and during major meetings).

Our office has an internal detection department with long term experience in Greece and also abroad, and also is the official partner of the biggest and safest parties around the world, conducting interception investigations along with placing interception countermeasures.

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Juvenile Supervision

One of the most sensitive issues in today’s society is the juvenile delinquency.

Our experience in the field of private investigations allows us to mention  that the most common cause of  delinquency  behavior is usually drug use, online bullying, in-school violence, sexual abuse,

The C.M.I Private Investigation Office and its collaborators can support, investigate and direct parenting legal guardians  to  deal with the problems associated with their child.

Our ways of action depend  on the case.

Contact  us to find the solution for you.

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Product falsification

Product falsification is a common tactic at both national and global level for defaming large and smaller companies.

We undertake investigations across Europe  regarding product falsification  of, bringing evidence with detailed reports so that small or large businesses can restore their reputation.

We also conduct surveys as supposed shoppers to confirm the correct distribution and authenticity of your products.

The unfair competition  that is being created by  the falsification of products is very bad for the image of any business.

That’s why we are here!

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Industrial counter-espionage

Industrial Espionage is a form of secret information collection, carried out by individual personalities or by groups. It is against the law and the compensation payment is obligatory by those who committed espionage  Espionage is a recent creation and it’s purpose is), at monitoring rival industries. More specifically, it is a violation of an absolute right of ownership, as espionage is done to the detriment of the firm/industry or industry in order to steal or copy its original designs. Specialized leased agents monitor the activities of related industries and collect data on production methods, manufacturing of new types of products, etc. The degree of development is so great that one could say that it is comparable to military spying worldwide.

Our office has dedicated private investigators and analysts specializing in industrial counter-intelligence. So if you have an indication that you are the victim of industrial espionage, you can only call us to investigate the physical and technical security gaps that have facilitated the leak of your corporate information to opponents.

In the field of industrial counter-intelligence, we work and cooperate globally with success, confidentiality, efficiency.

Contact, the C.M.I Private Investigation Office to find a solution !!!

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The private investigators of the C.M.I Office undertake, with their expertise, to investigate in depth and always in cooperation with the legal department , irregularities that may have been involved in hereditary issues and wills.

Some of the services we offer:

  •     Search for heirs
  •     DNA testing
  •     Paternity test

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